GP Practice Microsites

What Are Microsites and Why Have One?

A microsite is a mini version of your Practice website, hosted within your PCN site, which provides all the practice-specific information that your patients need in an easily accessible format. Since the generic information about PCN and community health services is included in the overarching PCN site, it doesn’t need to be duplicated across multiple Practice sites.

So, what are the benefits? There are many, including:

  1. Cutting down on administration time – Information only needs to be entered once, rather than multiple times across multiple practices. Hosting and maintaining more than one site can put stress on your already limited time which you could invest in other aspects of General Practice, not your site.
  2. Providing consistent branding – Having GP practice microsites within your PCN website enables you to easily have consistent branding across the entire PCN.
  3. Helping to drive a shared PCN vision – The GP Practices will be more involved directly with the activity on your PCN website helping to drive forward your vision and priorities.
  4. Helping patients to understand where their GP practice fits into the PCN and what a PCN is. This can be quite confusing for patients, but having the microsites embedded into the PCN site gives them a visual understanding.
  5. Cutting costs - it costs much less to build and maintain just one site (with microsites), as opposed to multiple separate sites.
  6. Providing focused content – the microsites are slimmed down and focused on practice content which makes it easier for patients to find their way around.

Help2Change CIC can provide microsites to those PCNs that would like to take advantage of these benefits. With costs of a GP Practice microsite being £15 per month, they are much cheaper than a stand-alone practice site. We also offer full content updating for just £5 per month per practice, meaning you can save even more administration time leaving all content updates to us.

You might think that it is a big job to set up a new website or microsite, but not with Help2Change. We will set up your microsite within 14 days, copying across all the content from your existing GP Practice site to your microsite if you would like us to (for just £149 per practice).

To find out more about our microsites or have a short demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact me or email

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