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Practical stop smoking solutions for your PCN

Cuts to public health funding have reduced the availability of stop smoking services in many parts of the country, increasing the demands on general practice. If the stop smoking service in your area has been decommissioned and you are looking for a means to support patients and divert them from GP appointments, we can help you. Our Chair Dr Kevin Lewis has been setting up and running successful stop smoking services since 1995.

Smokers are four times more successful at quitting if they receive structured behavioural support and medication. NICE recommends this treatment for all smokers who want to quit.

Help2Change has three tiers of Help2Quit available. We will embed your chosen tier of service into your Primary Care Network, taking the pressure off GP appointments and making it easier for patients to access the support they need.

Service Tiers

Level 1
In-house Reactive Service

  •  PCN branded patient support pack
  • Training for PCN staff
  •  Behavioural Support Programme
  •  PGD Prescribing

Level 2
In-house Proactive Service


  • PCN branded patient support pack
  •  Training for PCN staff
  • Behavioural Support Programme
  •  PGD Prescribing
  •  Fully delivered by Help2Change

Level 3
Managed Proactive Service

  •  PCN branded patient support pack
  •  Training for PCN staff
  •  Behavioural Support Programme
  •  PGD Prescribing
  •  Fully delivered by Help2Change

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